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How to Market Your Business

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Marketing has changed in the past 10 years in ways people never thought it would. We have changed from many of the traditional marketing styles to leveraging technology to increase our business growth. This article is about the important things needed to be incorporated into your website to market your business via the web today.


In order to keep your clients interested, you need to write about relative information. This keeps your clients coming back to read more about your services or products.  The articles are not just for entertainment, but for Page Ranking, these are important factors for online marketing.

Social Media

Post or retweet your articles, photos of your products, events your throwing, all on the different social media outlets. These allow you to attract a larger client or fan base for free. Social Medias can be leveraged to expand on your client base and build interest in new areas.

Press Releases

Work with other websites that will allow you to do Press Releases and post the information on their websites. If you find good news sites, they will post up reviews, links, and summaries about your business. These back links to your websites help a lot and allow the online community to find credibility in your company.

PPC advertising

Sometimes its good to start out with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns which allow you to get immediate attraction for your website. Its important to define your market, your costs, and strategically market your website to these targets. If you can get profit from every dollar spent on PPC (a good conversion rate) then you have a very strong online marketing plan to start with.

Email Blasts

Keeping your customers informed and in touch with your business in very important. Emails have a low conversion rate typically, but if you keep it interesting, people are excited to read your email blasts. Also, if you target people in your industry, they are more likely to read the email. A good Email Blast is actually sending out articles you wrote for the website.

Tracking Tools

Integrating Tracking tools is very important. We have an important saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t track it”. Knowing where your customers are coming from helps you to steer them in the right way. Tracking tools are very important, there are hundreds of different types, but knowing the tools and working with the right person is very important to optimize the traffic.

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