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7 tips for a logo that works

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Sometimes we give too much importance to the content part of the business that we tend to forget the importance of a logo. The perfect logo for your company is very important since it is the explicit appearance of the company. You may know that the logo is not included in every business card but still it plays an important role. Here are 7 tips for a logo that works:

Simplicity is great

The logo must be simple enough to be understood by even a layman. Also, it should be formatted in such a way that it works with different sizes. This allows you to use it for multiple purposes.

Should have a design that fits everywhere

It is really hard to connect with the company if the design is not properly designed for that company. The logo should reflect the nature of the company and be easily adaptable to the customers with its services. The design of the logo should be such that it can wrap on a car, billboard, t-shirt, coffee mugs etc.

Easy to figure out

The logo should be easily comprehensible. A good way to test the logo is to design the logo in such a way that it is understandable even by a 10 year old. If it is not understandable by a 10 year old, then it is not understandable by an adult. This is a good test to see how simple your logo works for your company.

Use colors that work

When one looks at the logo, the most important part is the color. In fact, it is the quintessential element of your logo. Colors also speak volume about your business and they should tweak with the corporate image. You should use the same colors consistently because those colors would have been registered in the minds of your audience. You may like some colors but that will not be liked by others. Use only those colors that are universally accepted. Don’t use colors that stir up negative feelings in the audience.

Make use of clear fonts

Make sure the fonts are understandable. Don’t experiment with fonts since they are one of the things that are seen by the viewer first. For example, don’t use unclear fonts like Wingdings.

Include slogan in your logo

You can very well include your slogan in your logo but see to it that it is not vague in expressing its meaning. A slogan is one thing that captures the attention of the audience and it should be brief. The slogan should not beat about the bush, instead it should convey the meaning properly.

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