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Colors and their meaning

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For generations, colors have been used to stir up certain feelings and the bottom line is that whether they evoke positive or negative emotions. It is really fascinating to notice the impact colors have with different cultures. The color wheel is one important aspect that will help you settle down on a scheme that is in agreement. They are basically classified as primary, secondary and tertiary.

During childhood, we would be posed with some questions often. This includes who is your favorite actor, what is your favorite color etc. We took for granted that we can perceive about the person with the help of colors. But ironically, the implications of colors vary across the borders.

There are certain colors that can be made by mixing colors. But primary colors are those that are stand alone and cannot be produced by mixing colors. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. When you see the wheel, you will notice that the primary colors make a triangle. The mixing of two primary colors will result in a secondary color. The secondary colors are orange, green and purple and the secondary equation is formed as follows: red + blue=purple, red + yellow = orange, blue + yellow = green. When talking about tertiary, it is a result of mixing the secondary with a primary.

Colors and their meaning:

Here, we will brief you with the implication of some colors in the color wheel.

Red: Red is construed to be one of the most influential colors and its meaning varies across different cultures. While it means purity in India, it means good luck in China, danger in United States etc.

Blue: Blue is regarding as an innocuous color in some parts of the world since it cannot harm anyone. In fact, it is so innocuous that it is used as the conventional, corporate color. It is such a conventional color that it is highly advised not to use this color in speaking to highly religious audiences. But again, even blue is considered as a sign of mourning in Iran!

Yellow: While yellow means sacred and imperial in Asia, it denotes joy and happiness in western countries.

Orange: In some parts of Asia, orange has a serious meaning and it is not meant to be funny.

Green: Green is considered to be a positive color in many cultures and in some cultures it possesses religious significance.

Purple: Purple may be construed is a color that spreads positive vibrations by our culture but it is not so in another part of the world. It symbolizes meditation, good discernment and even royalty in some cultures but in Thailand it means color of mourning for widows.

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