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Maximize your click through rate

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Writing more articles can be a grueling task especially in case when you don’t have time to do so. All the same, you want to increase the clicks of your website. How can this be done? Well, you can use an optimized process wherein you can write more articles and thereby increase the click through rates of your article.

Well, now that you want to know what is click-through rate, it is just the rate obtained through people visiting your page and click through to the necessary link. This click through rate is not only restricted to your page but also applicable to your email. As such, your article or page is very important to you and click through rate gives you a fair idea as to how your “child” is working.

Tips to increase the click through rate of your website:

Offer some value to your audience:

Be clear in what you are going to write. Also, don’t beat about the bush. Only write what is required and in this regard don’t shout the contents. In the first instance, the content should be clear and should achieve what it wanted to achieve. MAKE YOUR POINT, GRAB THEM, then LEAD THEM.

Create some stickiness on the landing page

You should create content that always lasts in the minds of the audience. This can be done in the landing page itself. If you look at the way that Groupon created a stickiness, it may give you an idea. The “one deal a day” thing is a dead end, because its easily replicated, but always update and add new useful information. Try to make your website more interesting so people want to come back.

Impress your audience

Sometimes, being too informative in the first few lines will make the audience skip to the other link. So, you should be cautious in maintaining a balance between providing the right content in the beginning itself or in the end. This way, you can grab the attention of the audience. Try to make your information easily scan-able, but have information they are looking for. Leave nuggets of information.

Be brief

Being brief is always something that is acceptable. In this fast-paced world, do you think people will go through a page that is fully overloaded with content? Most probably, the answer will be no. By being brief, you are provoking your audience to go through the other links of your website, thereby increasing your click through rate.

Make your content eye-catchy

Content is very important but presentation also matters a lot. For this, you can incorporate appropriate sub-headings, bullet points etc. to make the content catch the attention of the audience.

Concentrate on Call-to-action

You cannot afford to allow your audience to grope in the dark. You should provide them with well-laid directions so that the click through rate is increased. It is wise to have your call-to-action in the front page of your website. Also, it is better to have this call-to-action within three clicks or less.

Offer something to the audience

There may be different websites that are writing about the same product that you are selling so you have to shine in the crowd. In this regard, offer something to the audience e.g. Discount etc. to get their attention to your website.

Keeping these points in mind, ensure that you maximize the click-through-rate of your article.

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